21 April 2020 Sessions

Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection Working Remotely, Securely: How to Protect Distributed Endpoints

In today’s changing world, working remotely for some organizations is normal, for others this has become the new norm. Whichever stage you are to enabling your employees to work remotely, maintaining productivity starts with increasing connectivity. But how do organizations provide continuous, secure access to applications across remote endpoints?

Traditional network security solutions will only get you so far. Surges in VPN traffic and devices accessing corporate systems from unknown networks present challenges for SOC analysts. Organizations should not have to choose between access and security in a remote landscape.

In this session, learn the unique challenges of shift to distributed endpoints, how to enable security operations teams work remotely, the importance of cloud-based remediation and isolation technology and why real-time device assessment and remediation are key for the remote workforce.

Dell Digital Proven How Dell Mobilized 120K Employees to Work From Home

Dell’s modern work strategy has enabled employees to work from anywhere, anytime, with seamless and secure connectivity and access to critical business applications for nearly a decade, and solutions from our own VMware portfolio like Workspace ONE and SD-WAN are key to delivering this employee experience. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, nearly 90% of Dell’s workforce was asked to work remotely. Because we had the infrastructure and technology in place to do so, many of the initial pains during this surge in enablement were simply in educating our team members on what technologies were available and how to use them. In this session you will learn how Dell IT uses VMware solutions to create a productive and secure digital workplace where teams are now working through this new “normal” in creative and compelling ways.

Digital Workspace Pandemic Planning Phase II

IT departments around the world are scrambling to deal with the disruption caused by essentially everyone working remotely. We’ve already made it through the first few weeks and figured out the basics—video meetings, VPNs, getting home computers working, etc. So now we are on the transition to “Phase II” of the pandemic where we’re realizing that we might have to support this way of working for several months. So now we can start to look at some of the quick, emergency decisions we made and start to tweak and adjust them a bit to put us in a better position for the next few months. In this session, Brian Madden, from VMware’s EUC Office of the CTO, will walk step through what we’re seeing and how you can start to transition from “Phase I” to “Phase II” of pandemic IT operation.

Digital Workspace Quickly Enable Remote Workers with Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure and Windows Virtual Desktop

Recently, support for the features of Windows Virtual Desktop was launched in Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Now customers have the ability to easily deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications in Microsoft Azure with their Windows Virtual Desktop entitlement while enjoying all the features of VMware Horizon Cloud. Due to the global health situation and the worldwide need for business continuity, this couldn't have come at a better time.

In this session, learn how VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure and the VMware Horizon Service can help you quickly and easily deploy desktops and applications in Microsoft Azure to satisfy your goals of business continuity, hybrid cloud, capacity bursting, and more. You’ll hear real-world examples of customers that have done this exact thing, and set yourself up to be successful as you support an increasingly remote workforce.

Scale on Demand Deploy & Scale Virtual Desktops Rapidly with VMware Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS

This session introduces Horizon 7 virtual desktop and application platform and how it can be deployed on VMware Cloud on AWS. By leveraging the same Horizon 7 platform both on-premises and on VMware Cloud on AWS, customers can leverage the same tools and workflows as they go from on-premises to the cloud. Optionally, they can easily build their own hybrid VDI cloud for extending their existing on-premises VDI deployment or providing business continuity and disaster recovery capability for their primary VDI deployment.

SD-WAN Know, Understand, Execute: Network Monitoring and Analytics with SD-WAN

To ensure peak performance from your remote workforce, cloud-based applications must take the best possible path to branch offices and workers at home. With in-depth network monitoring and analytics, SD-WAN by VeloCloud can help you ensure that your applications are running on optimized paths. In this session, we’ll discuss how SD-WAN collects and utilizes real-time network data to report on application flows, end-to-end path visibility, network impairments and abnormal network conditions so you can provide your remote workers with applications that are running at their best.

On Demand Sessions

Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection Securing Your Remote Workforce During a Crisis

We all had our business continuity plans in check, reviewed on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. What we couldn’t foresee was what if all of our users overnight had to start working from home. This became a reality for most of us around the world over the last few weeks. We have to enable our workforce to work remotely, quickly, but how do we do that securely? In this presentation we will show you how cloud native endpoint protection can quickly secure your remote workforce.

Digital Workspace Learn More About Unlocking BC/DR, Remote Work, and Cloud Burst Use Cases with VMware Horizon

On-premises Horizon virtual desktop and app environments have delivered many benefits over the years, including centralized management and security. With the advent of delivering and managing cloud-hosted VDI and published apps through the Horizon Cloud Service, you can take advantage of new use cases, including disaster recovery, datacenter expansion, and cloud-bursting. Join us to learn more about these valuable use cases and why it’s the right time to leverage Horizon Cloud Service to deliver VDI and apps wherever they are needed.

Digital Workspace Pandemic Preparedness and Response: How to Quickly Set Up a Remote Workforce for Success

The requirement for companies to support flexible workstyles has increased drastically in light of recent events. Organizations across the globe are preparing to or already enforcing remote work policies, but that doesn’t have to mean the end of productivity. VMware is uniquely positioned to help HR and IT teams quickly enable and support a remote workforce. In this webinar, hear best practices for designing and supporting remote-first strategies, scaling VDI environments, extending security policies beyond the firewall and more.

NSX Advanced Load Balancing NSX Advanced Load Balancer: Every Horizon Deployment Needs Elastic, Enterprise-grade Load Balancing

Enterprises rushing to enable their remote workforce with virtual desktops and applications need a robust load balancing solution to deliver  VDI quickly in any data center or cloud. Waiting to procure appliance-based load balancers or compromising with limited virtual load balancers is not an option for business continuity. With the acquisition of Avi Networks, VMware now offers a full-featured, multi-cloud load balancing platform. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks) is a software-defined platform that delivers distributed load balancing with on-demand elasticity and pinpoint application and end-user analytics.

With Avi, VMware Horizon customers can deliver VDI in record time while simplifying their operations, reducing troubleshooting time, and saving costs.

In this session, you will learn how to:

• Simplify your infrastructure and operations to deliver virtual desktops and apps
• Troubleshoot end-user experience issues with point and click simplicity
• Eliminate costly over-provisioning of load balancers and save costs for VDI deployments
• Deploy load balancing consistently in any public cloud or VMC for AWS environment

Scale on Demand VMC on AWS: Seamlessly Extend Your On-prem Hosted VDI to the Cloud with VMC on AWS

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, scalable, secure, fast, simple, and consistent solution to extend your on-premises data center to public cloud, look to VMware Cloud on AWS. According to a recent IDC study, users of VMware Cloud on AWS were able to reduce their total cost of operations by 35% and achieve 78% less unplanned downtime compared to other native cloud options. Join us to learn how VMware Cloud on AWS can accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with minimal risk and complexity. In this technical session, we’ll discuss:

• The current trends driving hybrid cloud adoption and the key pain points.
• The key features and capabilities of VMware Cloud on AWS, including compute and storage cluster configuration, policy management, elastic DRS, and more.
• Business continuity during unplanned events like the current crisis and how VMware Cloud can provide elastic capacity to scale new users instantly and on-demand.
• Hybrid cloud operations.
• Migration capabilities and interconnectivity options.
• Customer success stories.

And much more.

SD-WAN Enabling a Remote Workforce Now with SD-WAN

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work and has forced organizations to accelerate the pace of a digital workforce transformation. Business continuity is even more essential now in these turbulent times. Attend this webinar to find out about the different options, what they include, how they can help with work from home scenarios, and very importantly, how you can act now to arm your workforce with what they need to keep your business running.