Use Cases


Level 100: Introductory - Sessions are focused on providing an overview of VMware solutions that address a specific use case with the assumption that attendees are fairly new to the topic.

Level 200: Introductory (Technical) - These sessions introduce the basic workings of the technology and how it can be applied in practice.

Level 300: Advanced - Sessions will dive deeper into the selected use case. Presenters assume the audience acknowledges the need for the use case with some familiarity of the topic, and may or may not have direct experience implementing the solution.

Multi-Cloud Cloud-Delivered Services

Level 100 Delivering Modern Multi-Cloud with VMware Cloud Services

There have never been more options to deliver a cloud platform that meets the needs of today’s applications. Join Mark Lohmeyer, SVP and GM of Cloud Services, to learn how you can create a modern multi-cloud platform that spans on-premises, AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM, and other cloud providers, unify management and operations across these environments, and use a consistent set of application services across all of your cloud choices.

Level 100 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environment

CloudHealth by VMware has been a member of the VMware family for almost two years. CloudHealth has extended its multi-cloud financial management, optimization and governance capabilities to VMware vSphere and VMware Cloud on AWS. In this session, we will show you how CloudHealth adds value to your VMware investments as a critical asset to your multi-cloud strategy.

Level 200 Protect All Your Workloads with Latest DRaaS from VMware

Learn what’s new with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for VMware Cloud on AWS. VMware newest solution based on recently acquired Datrium provides a cost-effective option for your less stringent workloads, complementing VMware Site Recovery that provides a high-performance option for your mission critical workloads. Understand the key differences between these two approaches with respect to supported configurations and SLAs. Gain practical knowledge and best practices on how to leverage this new service from initial deployment to daily operations. When disaster strikes – know how to failover. And when all is clear – understand how to fail back from the cloud to normal operations.

Level 200 Multitenant VMware Cloud on AWS Powered by VMware Cloud Director service

VMware Cloud Director service enables VMware Cloud Providers to adopt an asset-light service delivery model. VMware Cloud Director service helps cloud providers evolve their businesses to deliver cloud-based software-as-a-service offerings. With this new service, you can expand to new geographies with VMware Cloud on AWS at a higher operational efficiency.

Level 200 vRealize Operations Cloud for VMC and Beyond

vRealize Operations Cloud is the perfect companion for your VMC environment. Monitor your environment, troubleshoot problems, manage your capacity, reclaim unused resources, track your spend, and ensure compliance of your VMC environment with vRealize Operations Cloud.

Level 200 SD-WAN Security Your Way: Built-in Firewall, Cloud Providers and SASE

With enterprises migrating their mission-critical applications to the cloud, converging security with SD-WAN becomes table stakes. Join us to explore the various security options available with VMware SD-WAN, including built-in firewall security capabilities, integrations with its ecosystem security partners, such as Zscaler, CheckPoint and Menlo Security, and what this all means in a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) world.

Level 300 vRealize Log Insight Cloud for VMware Cloud and Beyond

VMware vRealize Log Insight Cloud is the must-have solution when it comes to monitoring VMware Cloud software-defined data center (SDDC) logs. Your customers will gain important insights into their SDDC and beyond. See how vRealize Log Insight Cloud can connect to your customers’ applications and on-premises infrastructure, and help them correlate application logs with actions taken in their SDDC.

Anywhere Workspace Cloud-delivered Services

Level 100 How to Support a Remote Workforce with Workspace ONE Assist

Technological problems are inevitable, and the same digital tools that empower employees one minute can be a roadblock the next. As companies across the globe enforce remote work policies, it’s critical that organizations can remotely assist employees with device and app tasks or issues in real time. In this session, learn how our remote employee support solution, VMware Workspace ONE Assist, enables IT and help desk staff to remotely view or control any corporate-owned or BYO device, including Android, iOS, Windows 10 and macOS, to support your business continuity goals.

Level 100 XDR EDR: How VMware's Integrations Re-Shape Protecting Your Asset

What is XDR and why should your security team be excited about it? Join us as we walk through how VMware is extending the Endpoint Detection and Response capabilities in the Carbon Black Cloud to take advantage of new sources of telemetry and enhanced response capabilities to deliver Native XDR as only VMware is capable.

Level 200 Securing and Protecting Your Office 365 Data with VMware Workspace ONE

Back by popular demand—another blockbuster session about Office 365 security and protecting data. This session was so popular at VMworld 2018, it’s only fair to do a VMworld 2020 refresher. Office 365 is the global standard for user productivity and is paramount to most organizations. So securing it is even more critical to ensuring resilient business operations. In this session, we’ll go through use cases on Office 365 access, and how to secure these critical services—from the front door with conditional access and multifactor authentication, through to endpoint and cloud data security. We will dive into the new features to secure this in VMware Workspace ONE, integration with Workspace ONE Trust Network, and Microsoft technologies that enhance the overall security posture.

Level 200 The Top 10 Workspace ONE Tips and Tricks

A DeskCon experience session. Solving the challenges of the digital workspace involves many components. What are the VMware supported practices for integration, scale and security? Are there quick fixes you can make in your deployments to assist with performance or prevent issues proactively? Join this session where we will look at topics such as optimizing directory synchronization, leveraging partner integrations, onboarding scenarios and establishing device trust with mobile SSO.

Level 200 Enable Secure Remote Work: Windows Virtual Desktop & Horizon Cloud on Azure

In this session, you will learn about how Windows Virtual Desktop and Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure jointly enable scalable and secure remote work for your organization. With the power of Microsoft solutions and VMware’s cloud-native VDI offering on Azure, you will be able to modernize your deployment, scale in minutes, and reduce the total cost of ownership on Microsoft Azure.

Level 200 Modernizing VDI for a New Horizon: An Updated Approach to Desktop and Apps

Full, linked and instant clone VMs. User writable volumes, user-installed apps and persistent disks. Personalization, privilege elevation and roaming users. VMware Horizon is a platform that provides a comprehensive set of included and ecosystem technologies, such as FSLogix, to provide best-in-class virtual desktops and applications. In this session, we’ll discuss design considerations for building Horizon desktop and application models, with an emphasis on migrating from legacy components to modern solutions.

Level 200 Optimize for the end user: Windows Virtual Desktop & Horizon Cloud on Azure

In this session we’ll dive into integrations Microsoft and VMware have made around user profile technology and Windows 10 multi-session. We’ll also cover innovations with MSIX app attach functionality and the use of App Volumes within Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure to virtualize MSIX app packages.