Accelerate Cloud Journey

KEYNOTE: Innovating from Data Center to Cloud and Edge As the pace of technology innovation accelerates, what does it take to become a successful digital business?  For your IT organization, that means figuring out how to harness emerging technologies to support the business as it tries to transform customer engagement and create new value for customers.  But how can you enable the business to achieve these outcomes while managing risk and still providing stable, efficient operations?  Learn how VMware is focused on providing you a digital foundation to achieve exactly those goals. Demystify a world of “clouds”, “application services” and “organizational agility” into simple, yet powerful capabilities to deliver any app, to any device, on any cloud.
The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation Business strategies are changing at a rapid pace, and enterprises are turning to the hybrid cloud to enable higher levels of business agility.  During this session our experts will discuss how to build a hybrid cloud with VMware Cloud Foundation, an integrated offering of virtualized compute, storage, networking, security and management.  Deployed both into the data center as the most unique and complete hyperconverged infrastructure solution in the industry and the public cloud, Cloud Foundation delivers consistent infrastructure and operations, supporting the seamless movement of workloads across a hybrid cloud.
Building Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy Cloud is the new normal. But how can a business bound by legacy applications adopt the latest cloud services, cloud native technologies, and modern practices? In this session you will learn how and where to focus on building your own Hybrid cloud strategy and how you can be the catalyst for change.  From solving classic IT issues in faster, cheaper, better ways than have ever been possible, to understanding how to meet the needs of modern applications, this session will prepare you on the path to your own cloud journey.
Cloud Migration with VMC on AWS VMware Cloud on AWS offers a simple and effective cloud migration path for organizations already leveraging the strengths of VMware. Join this session to learn how to simplify workload migration to VMware Cloud on AWS. In addition, you will hear success stories and get practical tips that your organization can use to avoid common pitfalls when planning your own cloud migration.
Achieving a Comprehensive Multi-Cloud Strategy with CloudHealth As organizations begin to incorporate multiple clouds into their IT strategies, they are often faced with significant operational complexity. In this session, we will examine this complexity and look at how you can use CloudHealth, the foundation of VMware’s multi-cloud solution, to effectively manage and optimize resource usage across all of your cloud environments.

Transform Networking and Security

KEYNOTE: Building a Network Virtualization Platform for Digital Transformation You might not know it yet, but your network is holding you back. New apps, new technology and developers are transforming customer experiences for the business, but unconnected clouds and silos are challenging IT to provide seamless connectivity and security for these experiences. Learn about VMware’s vision for networking – the Virtual Cloud Network – and how to create a network virtualization platform that provides pervasive connectivity across your data centers, clouds, and the edge. You will also see how this platform, driven by NSX, can help simplify network management and operations through automation, while enabling a new approach to effective security.
Multi-cloud Networking with NSX The vast majority of enterprises are embracing a multi-cloud strategy. Multi-cloud has the potential to give businesses greater speed, agility, and scale, but it can present some difficult challenges for networking. Learn about how to use network virtualization driven by VMware NSX to build networks for a multi-cloud environment: private cloud data centers, public clouds, and hybrid clouds. We will cover the key use cases that consistent cloud networking enables, including automation across multi-cloud operations, data center extension, disaster avoidance and recovery, and workload mobility.
Network Infrastructure as Code: A New Level of Network Automation As data center, cloud, and app development operations have become increasingly automated, network automation has lagged behind, creating bottlenecks in the provisioning, deployment, monitoring, and use of application infrastructure. Come learn about VMware’s approach to network automation from IT, cloud-native, and operational perspectives, as well as how we are simplifying network automation by making network infrastructure consumable as human-readable code.
Transforming the Edge with SD-WAN SD-WAN has revolutionized wide area networking. Now, it is expanding to absorb other functions – compute, analytics, security, multi-cloud – that are critical to the enterprises where business is conducted – at the Edge. Learn about how VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud combines the economics and flexibility of a hybrid WAN with the deployment speed and low maintenance of a cloud-based service. You will learn how this technology simplifies the WAN, enabling policy-based network-wide performance, visibility, and control for any cloud, any application, with any type of transport.
The New Face of Application Security and Firewalling Security is top priority for all businesses, and yet, the problem is getting more complex. On average, companies have 80 security products, each generating its own set of alerts, making it difficult for security teams to identify legitimate threats. What if there was another way? Over the last 20 years, virtualization has changed the way applications are built and delivered. Today, we can use virtualization to change the way applications are secured as well. Learn about VMware’s differentiated approach to security – making security intrinsic from endpoint to cloud, providing unprecedented visibility for applications and effectively shrinking the attack surface. You will learn about the Service-defined Firewall, built with NSX and AppDefense, and how that solution can better protect your applications from unknown threats within your network.

Empower Digital Workspace

KEYNOTE: Driving Employee Experience with the Digital Workspace Businesses want to deepen customer engagement, improve user satisfaction and build brand loyalty through a digital transformation. Many undergoing this process realize their best advantage is their own employees and ensuring an effective digital employee experience will accelerate their company’s overall performance. In this keynote, hear our research on Employee Experience and learn how VMware Workspace ONE ensures that your employees have a consistent, engaging and productive experience as they access corporate apps and workflows across platforms, devices and locations from day 1. 
Personalize Employee Experience with VMware Workspace ONE In today's market, you have to fight for top talent. And when it comes to millennials and gen x'ers alike--they are demanding technology solutions that allow them to get their work done effectively from day one. Join this session to find out what's new with Workspace ONE to help streamline new hire onboarding and ensure that your workforce has a secure, rich and contextual experience as they access corporate apps and workflows across platforms, devices and locations every single day. In this session, we will:

  • Explore and demonstrate what's new with Workspace ONE
  • Dive into the new Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub App-an employee's one stop shop to people, apps, workflows and services
  • Showcase our new modern onboarding (and future plans) as well as our mobile workflows to maximize productivity
The Art of the Possible- How Modern Management Promotes a Culture of Choice For years, standardization has been the key to controlling costs and risks of end-user, shadow IT, but when the focus turns to employees, supporting choice in devices, apps, and workstyles doesn’t have to mean increased costs. Modern management allows IT to define an employee’s digital workspace across devices and device platforms automating management and permitting IT to support the widest range of options. This session will highlight -  the art of the possible – understanding how choice and self-service transform the digital experience of employees.
Why a Zero-Trust Security Strategy with Digital privacy is Necessary to Support the Modern Workforce Security and digital privacy are among the greatest risks to growing a digitally transformed business. Whether giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere with the device of their choice, or providing employees new devices to improve access to information, the apps, data and devices are increasingly living outside of the traditional corporate network. This requires a zero-trust approach to security that intelligently monitors and remediates against risk rather than simply trusting known devices or relies on firewall protection. Meanwhile, digital privacy remains a hot topic as employees may be suspicious of the capability of IT to monitor their activities. This session will explore best practices for supporting SaaS,  modern remote access and bring-your-own device policies that build trust between you and your employees while embracing the risks of digital transformation.
5 Reasons You Need a Hybrid Cloud VDI Strategy Today As enterprises accelerate their migration of datacenter workloads to the public cloud, not having a cloud VDI strategy can mean increased costs and a decrease in employee productivity. VMware Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS allows you to seamlessly extend your on-premises virtual desktops and applications into the cloud, optimizing your infrastructure costs and speeding time to value while keeping critical workloads on-premises for greater control. Learn how VMware can help you easily build a hybrid VDI strategy to support your move to the cloud. 
Modernize Apps
Keynote: Modernize Application Development Organizations are increasingly defined by the way they develop software. So, let’s talk about how you can make best use of Kubernetes and cloud native infrastructure to reduce costs and development cycles. We’ll explore the cloud native landscape and match VMware’s Kubernetes portfolio to specific business needs - using customer examples at every step. 
Run Kubernetes on your SDDC Kubernetes is the leading orchestration platform because it abstracts away infrastructure - that requires a fluid environment that can adapt to the requirements of your development team. In this session, we will walk through VMware’s Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) to show how it provides fluidity for Kubernetes and enables portability of applications to multiple clouds.
Kubernetes and Windows Containers A significant portion of all applications are built using Windows containers … and now organizations want to move those containers to Kubernetes. We’ll show you how to use newly supported technologies to simplify that migration. Get advice from experts on how to successfully run your Windows container workloads in production on Kubernetes. 
Cloud Native Monitoring and Analytics It’s imperative to maintain visibility and control of your Kubernetes footprint. Learn how to use metrics monitoring to increase the performance and availability of your applications. Through use cases we will show you how your peers are using unified monitoring to take the next step along the metrics maturity curve. 

*Kindly note that the agenda above is subject to changes.